About Us

Mission Statement

The Coalition Against the Rockaway Pipeline (CARP) is a grassroots alliance of organizations and individuals. Our mission is to prevent the construction of the Williams/Transco Rockaway Lateral Pipeline Project.

This project calls for a major gas pipeline running through Gateway National Recreation Area, including Jacob Riis Park and Jamaica Bay, as well as the installation of a gas metering and regulating station in two historic hangars at Floyd Bennett Field. If implemented, this project will:

  • Cause significant disruption and harm to the wildlife and ecosystems in Jamaica Bay and Gateway National Recreation Area
  • Set a precedent that allows a private, for-profit corporation to lease national parklands for destructive industrial purposes
  • Place the entire area at risk of a catastrophic gas explosion in the event of an accident or terrorist action
  • Increase reliance on methane gas and encourage hydrofracking, with the inevitable degradation of water, air, health, and local economies, and the exposure to radioactivity, that results from this practice
  • Discourage the development of renewable resources and accelerate climate change

The Williams/Transco project has been fast-tracked through Congress with inadequate public oversight or decision-making authority. We the people are asserting our right and our obligation to protect these public lands now and for future generations.

Participating and Supporting Organizations

The coalition includes both individual activists and organizations. The following organizations are active in CARP.

  • Bay Ridge Peace Action
  • Brooklyn For Peace: Climate Action Committee
  • Food and Water Watch
  • Green Party of Brooklyn
  • New York Climate Action Group
  • NYC Friends of Clearwater
  • Occupy the Pipeline
  • Park Slope United Methodist Church: Social Action Committee
  • Sane Energy Project
  • United For Action

We also welcome organizations that share our goals and concerns to link with us. If your organization would like to become a participating or supporting organization, please contact CARP at info@carpny.org.

Contact Us

Coalition Against the Rockaway Pipeline (CARP) 172 Fifth Avenue PMB 126 Brooklyn, NY 11217

General contact: info@carpny.org

Media contact: Jonathan Fluck; 347-416-6939


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