Did Everyone Forget About That Gas Pipeline in the Rockaways? – and PEOPLE’S CLIMATE MARCH

Latest NY media outlet (Curbed) published this article by Jeremiah Budin,

Did Everyone Forget About That Gas Pipeline in the Rockaways?

The pipeline is finally getting some significant attention in the press and blogosphere. We CARPers are looking at the  next steps – connecting to No Rockaway Pipeline, networking the Rockaways community with others across the USA and beyond who are also in the line of fire by Williams Company, helping foster more renewable energy (after all, the Rockaways are all about wind, water and sun), and, along those lines, most important conservation and efficiency (get those heating bills down!).

Meanwhile join in the great People’s Climate March, September 21, preparatory to a landmark U.N. Climate Meeting, with events leading up to and beyond that date including faith-based groups, bike blocs, a boat brigade, immigrant rights participants, kids’ clusters and much much more. Check out the Sporatorium and the Global Climate Convergence (System Change, not Climate Change) for art and science, respectively, and the truth. And join us! Let’s make this the time that the U.N. steps up and addresses cllimate chaos, and let’s take charge of our own futures at the same time.



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