FERC issues Final Environmental Impact Statement on the Rockaway Pipeline

On February 28 2014, the FERC staff concluded that, “if the proposed Projects are approved, constructed, and operated, the proposed facilities would result in some adverse environmental impacts. However, these impacts would be reduced to less-than-significant levels with the implementation of Transco’s proposed minimization and mitigation measures and the additional measures recommended in the EIS.”

To read the full EIS, go here.

Given the safety record of the Williams Transco and other Williams subsidiaries, CARP wonders whether Transco will indeed implement sufficient measures to protect Gateway National Recreation Area and surrounding communities of the Rockaways and South Brooklyn from these adverse environmental impacts. During the comment period in late 2013, CARP submitted a 40-page document explaining our many objections to the construction of this pipeline. We are continuing our efforts to change the outcome of this project. The most pressing task at hand is to notify users of Riis Beach that construction is expected to begin in May or June of this year, and to mobilize the voices of the community and visitors to alert their representatives in city and state office that this is unacceptable.

We will post outreach opportunities at this site.

We welcome your comments, questions and suggestions at info@carpny.org.



One thought on “FERC issues Final Environmental Impact Statement on the Rockaway Pipeline

  1. Thanks for this update. I agree that we should not give up — ever — in protesting against something so dangerous as the Rockaway Pipeline. At the very least, protests will continue to inform the public about the many issues surrounding each segment of the expanding fossil fuel infrastructure that is endangering our lives and all life on the planet. Including the wildlife that will be directly affected during construction of the pipeline. We must protect the ocean that makes New York City so exceptionally beautiful and livable. What other great city has a national park within its borders? We don’t need this pipeline and the fracked gas that it will convey. We need to invest in renewable energy instead. Count me in for further action against the pipeline!

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