Stop the Liberty LNG Port!

Liberty Port Ambrose has applied to construct a deepwater LNG (liquefied natural gas) port just off Jones Beach. This will accelerate the pressure to frack and crush efforts to move to renewable energy. This project is being super-fast-tracked — we must stop it now! There are two things you can do to stop this port:

Contact the Governors Now! Tell Governors Cuomo and Christie to veto this project. Click here to take action now.

Attend a Public Hearing. There will be two public hearings only: one in New York and one in New Jersey. We urge you to attend. These hearings are our only chance to make our concerns heard. Details here.


First it was the gas. Then it was the pipelines. Now it’s LNG.

Liberty Port Ambrose has applied to construct a liquefied natural gas port just off Jones Beach – in the very place where a wind farm project is planned. Mammoth regasification vessels will be docking there every day, discharging wastewater and chemicals, pumping out greenhouse gas emission. The impact on sea life will be immediate and devastating. [Continue reading here.]